Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Parker Honored at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Gala

Sean Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow - UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital - Getty - H 2017
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Paltrow's ex-husband Chris Martin served as entertainment for the evening, which raised $2.35 million for the local children's hospital.

The fifth annual Kaleidoscope Gala hosted by UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital at 3LABS in Culver City on Saturday night turned into a family affair for honoree Gwyneth Paltrow. Her two children were both in attendance (Apple had spent the afternoon celebrating her birthday in advance at Six Flags Magic Mountain), as was her ex-husband Chris Martin, who volunteered to serve as the evening’s entertainment.

Their unexpected reunion inevitably inspired some guests to gossip about a rekindled romance. “I just think it means that they’re really good people,” said Molly Sims, who didn’t believe a sequel was in store for the "consciously uncoupled" Hollywood power couple. “I loved the way they described the split of their union," added Randy Jackson. "I think they’re [just] friends.”

The benefit’s first honorees were Alexandra and Sean Parker, who gave a 15-minute speech about the power of collaborative science, the potential of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer and — to solidify his “nerd credentials” as he put it — Lord of the Rings, leaving the crowd with “the immortal words of the greatest wizard … Gandalf.”

Even for an Oscar-winning actress like Paltrow, the wired tech entrepreneur proved to be a tough act to follow. “On a good day, I cannot understand my friend, Sean Parker, what the f— he is talking about,” Paltrow said with a laugh. “But after two tequilas, I was totally lost,” she joked.

“I don’t have your brains — or definitely not your money — but I’m here tonight for UCLA and the doctors who work so tirelessly to try to help the quality of life and bring health and healing to our children,” Paltrow continued. It was a moment that found the Goop founder at her most humble. “I don’t really deserve it, but thank you for this incredible honor … and, um, I need another tequila,” she quipped.

“My dad always said it was best to be the dumbest person in the room, so tonight I can text him and say: 'Mission accomplished,'” said Martin as he took the stage clad in a Batman T-shirt (purchased earlier at Magic Mountain) to perform. “I’m definitely the idiot of this space,” he continued, “but Sean said one thing that really annoyed me — and pissed me off — and I have to sing about it, I’m sorry.” Martin then debuted the “world premiere” of his ode to Dumbledore, who happens to be the top wizard in his opinion.

And like his former spouse, Martin may not be able to compete with Parker’s high IQ or excessive wealth, but there is another area where he presumably excels: “I take solace in the fact that I might have a bigger magic wand,” Martin wittily sang to the star-studded audience.

Martin also performed a medley of heartfelt hits from Coldplay as well as love songs from the likes of George Michael and Ed Sheeran. “This could be a horrific disaster, so please be kind to us on YouTube, that is all I ask,” said Martin. But this evening was anything but — after all, it raised $2.35 million. And his set was clearly a success — but in the end, it was Paltrow who had Martin’s undivided attention. Was love in the air? Or just too much tequila? Only Gwyneth could say for sure, and her lips were sealed.