Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Internet Trolls at a Tech Conference (Video)

AP Photo/Axel Schmidt

The Gooper understands that celebrities must deal with Internet trolls "for good reason: We're annoying."

At Tuesday's first-ever Code Conference hosted by Re/code, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke in front of an audience that included the likes of Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. During her speech, the Gooper focused on the "objectification and dehumanization" of Internet trolls.

Paltrow shared that these negative anonymous Internet comments do "worry me, for the development of my kids and the next generation, that people can be so cruel without experiencing the consequences of being so cruel face to face." The Iron Man 3 star recognizes that as a celebrity herself, she has to deal with these remarks as part of her job. "Celebrities, we’ve always gotten stones thrown at us and, you know, for good reason: We’re annoying," she said. "Nevertheless, we get it. Or, at the very least, we expect that it’s part and parcel to what we do."

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She also mentioned that Facebook began as a place for Internet trolling, explaining, "Facebook actually started as a place to judge women on their pulchritude or lack of it. I think it’s kind of fascinating that a company that’s so huge and that would come to define much of the modern Internet was founded on this objectification of human beings."

As to what she thinks Goop can contribute to society? "I expect us to be ourselves no matter what the reaction, to know that it's OK to be at once irreverent and practical," said the actress. "And above all, to not give a fuck if the Facebook guys think we're hot or not."