Gwyneth Paltrow’s Colorist Reveals How To Go Blonde For Summer

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Tracey Cunningham, owner of LA’s celeb-favorited salon Meche, shares her technique.

Spring has sprung and summer is on deck, which means a change in wardrobe and also in hair color, according to sought-after celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham. Which means it’s time to go blonde, “whether or not you consider yourself a natural blonde,” she tells Pret-a-Reporter.

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But subtly. “People do like to go lighter when spring and summer come around, but in reality these looks aren’t just trends, they last all year long,” says the colorist to Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore and Emily Blunt. “Babylights is a very subtle transition that takes you from season to season, keeps the hair multidimensional and creates a luxurious depth.”

Babylights, which she's done on Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen, are one of her signatures: “soft, subtle highlights that are fine and placed around the hairline and at the part line to assist in marrying everything together,” says Cunningham, whose Beverly Hills salon Meche is frequented by countless A-listers. (She adds that Redken’s new Blonde Idol Blue Oil Lightening System oil lightener is great for creating the look.) “When your hair is all one color, you never really see how light it is unless you have something lighter or darker next to it to make it pop,” she explains.

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The best part about the technique, which she says is low-maintenance and flattering on just about everyone—even brunettes? “It has the ability to transform you and take years off!” However, if done incorrectly, it can add years, she warns.

When it comes to all her blonde bombshell clients, she points out that the biggest concern is generally brassiness. To that end, at-home maintenance and haircare is critical. Her picks are Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner Violet for Cool Blondes or in Gold for Warm Blondes ($65). “The custom-calibrated blend of formulas allows the client to dial up each week to increase the color deposit to tone or maintain their colored hair.”

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If that’s the trick to Paltrow’s golden locks, consider us sold.