Gwyneth Paltrow's Favorite Juice Brand Launches Skincare

Moon Juice Beauty - S 2015
Courtesy of Clair de Lune

Moon Juice Beauty - S 2015

LA-based Moon Juice partnered with beauty brand Odacite for this new offering that founder Amanda Chantal Bacon describes as "a skin treatment as powerful as Moon Juice's medicinal-strength juices."

The past year proves the juice craze has clearly not stopped with the cold-pressed stuff itself. Pressed Juicery, which started it all (and boasts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as investors), launched its vegan Pressed Freeze treats; there’s a big movement toward souping on both coasts; and now Moon Juice, a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow, is stepping into beauty.

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Although various brands’ juices promise beauty benefits — such as Pressed’s Rose Coconut Water, which is anti-inflammatory and helps hair, skin and nails — the Moon Juice partnership with skincare brand Odacite is a completely topical venture. The new formulas are called Clair de Lune, and also represent the brand helmed by Amanda Chantal Bacon’s commitment to “beauty and well-being,” she says. “Clair de Lune was custom-formulated to answer my desire for a skin treatment as powerful as Moon Juice’s medicinal-strength juices, tonics and snacks.”

Bacon says she bonded with Odacite’s founder on “our mutual obsession with sourcing the most potent, organic elements and our philosophy of nourishing from the inside out.” That said, she notes that the products — an organic rose and aloe juice mist, and a radiance serum made with wild carrot seed oil ($88 each) — work in synergy with her green juice and medicinal herbs. They are made with cold-pressed oils and bioactive nutrients to give the user a moon-like glow.

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“The organic rose and aloe juices call in luminosity as tissues are regenerated and protected with pure gold from the earth’s center, drawn up by the carrot’s poetic and earthly strength,” says Bacon. If Paltrow’s on board, consider us sold.