H&M Announces Higher End Fashion Stores That May Be Named '& Other Stories'

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After collaborating with A-list designers, H&M sees a market for higher-priced clothing in their new boutiques.

Recently, there were whispers in the retail industry that Swedish retailer H&M has been planning on a new luxury line.

Now the Swedish retailer confirms new set of stores to "broaden its offering" with several locations opening across Europe next year.

So what will the stores to be called? H&M reps are tight-lipped, as usual. But Women's Wear Daily and Swedish news outlet Dagens Nyheter reports that trademarks and logos for "& other stories" were registered by a Swedish firm last year.

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Dagens Nyheter reports that the new boutique chain was confirmed by Camilla Emilsson-Falk, Head of Media Relations for H&M, who said: “We see the new chain as a complement to H&M. It will be at a slightly higher price bracket and with a little better quality, but still stay within the framework of our business concept -- fashion and quality at the best price."

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The concept -- elevated fast-fashion with high-quality materials – is sure to appeal to everyone who already loves H&M’s offerings, particularly their limited edition designer collaborations with Versace and Marni. But the name just doesn’t trip off the tongue, does it?

Beginning a sentence with an ampersand is a bit confusing, as well as being downright SEO unfriendly.

Tell us: How do you feel about the new name?