H&M Is Bringing the Ultimate Digital Experience to Coachella

Courtesy of PR Dept.
H&M's "Reborn" Installation

It's totally shareable, obvs.

Coachella has long been lauded as a "transformative" experience — and not just because of the mild drug scene. Between the warm air, good vibes and, of course, the music, the annual festival draws crowds from around the world to the quintessential SoCal institution. 

This year, longtime sponsor H&M is bringing its own "transformative" experience to Coachella with an on-site installation called "Reborn," which invites "festival squads" to create shareable memories.

The H&M tent brings the desert scenery to the digital realm with a 360-degree greenscreen backdrop featuring video content from the festival grounds. Images will flash by in three- to five-second increments to make up a 15-second video immediately available for social media (it's no coincidence that Instagram's video time limit is also 15 seconds). Because did you even go to Coachella if you didn't post an Instagram about it? 

Along with digital experience, the "Reborn" installation will also feature a sustainability space, which highlights H&M's water conservation efforts and recycling programs, including the "close the loop" initiative.

Of course, the tent wouldn't be complete without a pop-up shop for the latest festival garb from the H&M Loves Coachella collection. Now all that's left to do is score some tickets.