'Hacksaw Ridge' Trailer: Andrew Garfield Plays WWII Hero in Mel Gibson-Directed Drama

HacksawRidge Andrew Garfield Publicity Still H 2016

The film marks Gibson's first directorial project since 2006.

"With the world so set on tearing itself apart, doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together," says Andrew Garfield's character in the upcoming Mel Gibson-directed Hacksaw Ridge.

Based on the true story of Cpl. Desmond Doss, Hacksaw Ridge follows a Seventh-day Adventist (Garfield), who, because of his religion, is a WWII conscientious objector. Doss was the first objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

After being drafted, Doss tells Sergeant Howell (Vince Vaughn) during training that he can't touch a gun. As a result — and after standing before a court — he is stationed as a medic. "Private Doss, you are free to run into the hellfire of battle without a single weapon to protect yourself," he's told.

Andrew Knight and Robert Schenkkan wrote Hacksaw Ridge's screenplay. The title comes from the 1945 Battle of Okinawa that the film focuses on, as "Hacksaw Ridge" was part of the island of Okinawa, where a two-week confrontation between U.S. and Japanese soldiers took place. 

Teresa Palmer, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Hugo Weaving and Rachel Griffiths are also featured in the Lionsgate film, set for release on Nov. 4.