Haddad stays at MSNBC but exits 'Hardball'


NEW YORK -- "Hardball" executive producer Tammy Haddad is relinquishing her title to focus more on political coverage for MSNBC, the news channel said Wednesday.

Haddad held the dual title of executive producer of the public-affairs program plus vp Washington news at MSNBC. She will remain as vp Washington news but no longer have a role at "Hardball."

MSNBC said that with the political season heating up, it made more sense for Haddad to focus on the political coverage and not a daily show. MSNBC will have three debates within the next three months.

The "Hardball" team will stay in place, though a source said it was unclear when or even whether a new executive producer would be named for the show. There was a time when "Hardball" was the star of the MSNBC lineup, but that's not the case anymore, with shows like "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" and the documentary block in the late evening bringing in viewers.

Haddad has a long resume of experience in TV news, including bringing Larry King to CNN in 1985. She became senior broadcast producer at "Today" in 1993 and created "The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder" for CBS. She also has worked at Fox News Channel, "Maury Povich" and "The McLauglin Group."