Hadi, Zhang quit Singapore festival

Director resignations surprise local industry; Ng also leaves

SEOUL -- Wahyuni Hadi and Zhang Wenjie, co-directors of the Singapore International Film Festival, have resigned from the event in a protest over its control and financial administration.

The moves have caught the Singapore industry by surprise as Hadi and Zhang had only been in the post for a year and the first edition of the festival under their direction was widely hailed as a success. Also quitting is board member Jasmine Ng.

"We are unable to reconcile our goals with the remaining board members, having a different direction and vision for the festival and (the) organization’s growth," they said in a statement to the media.

The Hollywood Reporter, however, has learned that the disagreements focus on issues of financial transparency, the status of the festival as a non-profit organization and the separation of control between board members and the directors.

Following the departure of Ng, the festival board has only two remaining members; the festival founder Geoffrey Malone and Philip Cheah, who had been SIFF director for 21 years. Cheah stepped down as director last year, but remained a board member, while Hadi and Zhang were not admitted to the board.

Hadi was previously the festival's manager and programmer. Prior to joining the festival Zhang was film programmer at the National Museum's Cinematheque. Ng was a long-time SIFF volunteer.

The most recent edition of the festival was held in April and screened over 200 films.