Haggis, Harwood: Striking writers brave


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Oscar winners Paul Haggis and Ronald Harwood offered their support for fellow Writers Guild members walking the picket lines following a roundtable of screenwriters Thursday at The Hollywood Reporter's offices.

Haggis and Harwood sympathized in a videotaped interview with younger scribes. "In the Valley of Elah" writer-director Haggis called them "brave" for standing their ground in negotiations with the studios.

"These companies are not hurting," Haggis told THR contributor Stephen Galloway, who moderated the roundtable and interviewed the writers afterward. "If they were they wouldn't be paying the billions of dollars they are to corporate executives."

Haggis, who won Academy Awards for his work as a writer and producer of "Crash," said the strike could be long and that he would remain off-duty "as long as it takes."

"The temptation to break the strike is enormous," said "Love in the Time of Cholera" writer Harwood, who won an Oscar for his work on "The Pianist." "And they don't and I think it's admirable."