Satanists Fight Religious Authority in 'Hail Satan?' Trailer

The Penny Lane-directed documentary chronicles the rise of the controversial religious movement of the Satanic Temple.

Magnolia Pictures on Wednesday released the first trailer for Hail Satan?

The Penny Lane-directed documentary chronicles the rise of the controversial religious movement of the Satanic Temple. The movement began as an elaborate media stunt but has evolved into a recognized religion that is fighting for legitimacy. The Satanic Temple, formed in 2012, has taken on organizations including the Westboro Baptist Church, the Arkansas State Capitol and even the Netflix original series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in relation to a Satanic statue that appeared in an episode.

The trailer opens with shots of the Arkansas State Capitol as a member of the group, who is dressed as a devil, tells members of the press that it's "a great day to be a Satanist." When someone shouts, "You're gonna go to Hell," the member responds, "I believe it, and I'm very excited about it."

"The Satanic Temple is an idea between a handful of people directly confronting authority," a Satanist woman explains.

News clips that follow show the group fighting for equal rights and to be viewed as a legitimate religious group. They are also fighting for a monument of Satan to be put up at Capitol Hill. One member explains that the group deserves a monument because they are tax-paying citizens.

"As a Satanist, I believe that confronting injustice is an expression of the Satanic faith," a Satanic member says in her interview.

Another member of the group explains that it is their "duty" to stand up to the Christian influences that are making their way into the American government. "We want people to evaluate the United States being a Christian nation," says another member of the group. "We are supposed to be a nation that doesn't allow the government to dictate what it appropriate religious expression."

News coverage then shows the group's efforts to sue Missouri, while other clips show skeptics of the groups stating that they need to stop the movement.

"Satanism is looking out for the other — because we are the other," another member explains as clips of the group practicing their religion play.

The trailer concludes with the members of the group confidently declaring "Hail Satan" in a one-on-one interview setting before a clip plays of the group's monument being unveiled.

Hail Satan? premiered in January at Sundance Film Festival and is set to hit theaters April 19. Watch the full trailer above.