Hailey Bieber on Style Icon Rihanna And Her New Roxy Swim Line

Hailey Bieber x Kelia Moniz - ROXY Publicity 1- h 2019
Courtesy of ROXY

The model calls Rihanna “the queen” of tomboy glam.

Newlywed Hailey Bieber calls Rihanna her style icon when it comes to nailing her favorite “glamazon tomboy” vibe.

“I take a lot of my accessorizing cues from Rihanna,” Bieber tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I love looking at what she does, even from the nails to the jewelry to everything. I just think she's so dope, man. I really love her. If she doesn't know that by now."

Bieber says she was inspired by Rihanna for her Coachella look last year — a Rangers jersey with diamond rings and neon green nails. “She does that glam tomboy thing really well. That's why I like to do a big jersey with diamond necklaces. … Rihanna is the queen of that, though. I made myself believe I could pull it off, that's why I can pull it off," the model says while sporting a bedazzled "Bieber" nameplate necklace with a Marina Moscone fall/winter 2019 blue coat and cuffed jeans.  

Now the 22-year-old (who has landed sponsorships with Bare Minerals, Adidas and H&M) is putting her fashion and modeling experience toward a more personal collection: a Roxy swimwear collab with her friend, Hawaiian pro surfer Kelia Moniz, called Sister.

The pair met two years ago through Moniz’s now-husband Joe Termini. “We met when they started dating and we've been friends ever since,” Bieber says. “I kind of like gravitated toward Kelia. I was like 'Oh, this is your girlfriend? She's so epic. We're going to be best friends.'" Moniz, 26, tells THR that she later moved to Brooklyn, New York, with Termini and lived “basically next door" to Bieber. "So she was one of my only friends.”

Fast forward to New Year's Eve 2018, when the friends rang in the New Year in Hawaii with Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, and then to Tuesday, when the friends launched their Sister Collection with lifestyle brand Roxy in Malibu. Bieber and Moniz celebrated with a cocktail party at Little Beach House Malibu and, ahead of the party, talked with THR at Palisades Village VIP Suite about their friendship and fashion inspirations.

“Because the story is Sister, it's like, let's take a real friendship and bring it together from two different worlds. With her fashion background and model background, it makes sense. We get to tell a story for clothing, friendship and the beach all in one,” Moniz says. “I am personally very stoked that it happened.” The athlete calls the collection “fresh and young” — it includes denim shorts ($60), a long-sleeved tie-front shirt ($50) and a pleated midi skirt ($70).

The cut of the swimsuits in the capsule was important for the pals. “We both know what we like, what cuts of bathing suits we like. I don't like and Kelia doesn't like too much butt, too up the butt,” Bieber says, preferring “cheeky” styles. “I like things that come up a little higher on the hips that you can pull up that way. Because I like the silhouette of the almost '90s.”

Moniz adds that they didn't want it too hiked up. The resulting style is the floral-print high-leg, one-piece swimsuit ($90) and a bikini top and bottom ($85 for the set). 

They share such similar taste that Moniz “sneaks into her closet” to borrow clothes. “She likes dressing people,” Moniz says. “I'll go through her piles. I do have a lot of pieces from her closet."

“I go through so many clothes, you know, like I cycle through stuff,” Bieber says. “She'll be like, 'I want this, this, this.' I'm like, 'Please take it from me. I can't fit it anywhere anymore.'”

They also discovered good vintage finds together while on a trip to Tokyo. “I pretty much look to her for any type of style advice. I'm not just saying that because she's my best friend. Even if I didn't know her, I would definitely bite off a lot that she does. I think she's ahead of the game, always. She has a tomboy style, which I admire because I'm a major tomboy and I love the way she dresses. She's like glitz and glam but definitely tomboy,” Moniz gushes.

But when it comes to beachwear and summer style, Bieber stressed the need for skincare in the sun. She uses coconut oil to help tan, but is taking heed from her mom to be on top of the sunblock.

“My mom is super big, she's on top of me about it because when she was a kid, she's like 'I worshipped the sun.' My mom is Brazilian. We love the sun. But as she got older, she was like ‘You really need to take care of your skin. You know, past a certain age, you should keep your face out of the sun.’ Which hurts my soul because I like being tan. I love the sun,” Bieber says.

And beyond raiding closets and launching fashion lines, the friends say their sense of adventure is what keeps them close.

“We bonded so quickly and also we're able to do a lot of things in life together that not too many people are able to do. We've traveled a lot together and we've gone on a lot of adventures. You get to know a lot about that person. We've kept doing it so clearly we liked that side of each other,” Moniz says.

Bieber adds, “Her and her husband love to experience new things. They're really always down to explore and I love exploring. I love trying new food, I love traveling, I love experiencing new cultures. And I've done some of my favorite explorations with her and her husband Joe.”

On Tuesday night, the adventure was at their launch party at the Soho House in Malibu, where Bieber sipped a white sangria with sauvignon blanc, creme de peche, passionfruit, strawberry, green apple, kumquat and mint. The bar served up skinny margaritas with Cazadores Blanco, lime and agave, as well as sparkling cosmos with Grey Goose Le Citron, Combier liqueur, Bianco Vermouth, cranberry, lime, Prosecco and plumeria. Guests nibbled on chicken skewers, tuna poke, sliders, burrata toast and margherita pizza while taking in views of the ocean and the wildflower blooms on the Malibu hillside.