This Hairy Chest Swimsuit Exists, For Better or for Worse

Beloved Shirts Chest Tan Swimsuit - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Beloved Shirts

Peak novelty attire.

Sorry to spoil your Tuesday (and possibly your summer, honestly), but we just thought you'd like to know that the latest novelty item that has the internet in a tizzy is a "sexy chest" one-piece swimsuit. And by "sexy chest," we mean slightly pudgy, very hairy chest.

Once the shock of seeing the disembodied fuzzy torso — available in "light," "tan" and "dark" skin tones — wears off, you might be asking yourself, "WHY DOES THIS EXIST?" It's a fair question, but one to which we might never know the answer. 

Twitter users, being Twitter users, naturally expressed a mix of horror and admiration at the $45 suit. 

In the age of muddied denim and $80 rocks, not to mention internet culture's obsession with dad bods (all things dad, actually, including dad hats, dad jokes, etc.) we really should have been better prepared for the imminent arrival of such a swimsuit — especially considering Beloved Shirts' inventory of hairy chest tracksuits, hot dog onesies, a "Pizzakini" one-piece, and this magnificent crewneck featuring an uncomfortably close-up photo of Kim Jong Un. But something about the photo of a model wearing the suit looks too wrong to be right. 

Considering a male equivalent of the "sexy chest" suit exists in the form of a T-shirt airbrushed with an image a woman's bikini-clad body, perhaps this is just another step toward gender equality? 


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