Halcyon retains FTI Capital Advisors

To assess value of company that owns Terminator franchise

Halcyon Holding Group, which owns the Terminator movie franchise, has retained FTI Capital Advisors, a wholly owned investment banking subsidiary of FTI Consulting, to evaluate the company's prospects.

The move is subject to court approval, since Halcyon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month as a result of a dispute with Pacificor, the Santa Barbara-based hedge fund that financed Halcyon's purchase of the Terminator franchise.

FTI Capital Advisors will work with Halcyon's management and bankruptcy counsel to help the company negotiate the Chapter 11 process and maximize the value of its assets, which also include first-look rights to the works of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

"Based on our extensive due diligence, we believe the value of the Terminator franchise alone is substantially greater than the $30 million Halcyon paid for it in 2007,"

Kevin W. Shultz, senior managing director of FTI Capital Advisors, said. "In our view, Halcyon enjoys a wide variety of strategic options and we intend to explore them all."