Halifax mayor makes concert pitch


TORONTO -- Halifax mayor Peter Kelly on Monday made a generous offer to international concert promoters: Bring your big-name music acts to his city and get the use of a popular outdoor venue for free.

Kelly also said that the city will cover the cost of such services as policing, waste removal, and medical and transit services that accompany major concerts at the Halifax Common venue, which can accomodate more than 40,000 people.

"We know it's a very competitive environment out there for concerts, and for us, we're just trying to say we don't want to be overlooked," Kelly told reporters.

Last year, Halifax, Nova Scotia hosted a Rolling Stones concert on the Halifax Common, but has failed to land a major act since then.

Offering the same venue at no cost to concert promoters and waving municipal costs is designed to make Halifax a major concert destination for big-name acts, Kelly said.