Talk Shows Celebrate Halloween: Alexander Hamilton, Pikachu, Sia, Joker and Harley Quinn Among Most Popular Looks

Strahan as Pikach and Jerry O'Connell as Pikach -SPLIT- Publicity-H 2016
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'GMA,' 'Today,' 'Live,' 'The View' and 'Ellen' all got in the holiday spirit on Monday.

Who says Mondays are dull? The morning and daytime talk shows kicked off the week with a bang as Good Morning America, Today, Live With Kelly (and guest co-host Jerry O'Connell), The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show all celebrated Halloween with costumed extravaganzas.

Sia was a popular costume, with both DeGeneres and Good Morning America's Amy Robach dressing up as the singer whose distinctive wig covers the top of her face. Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway sensation Hamilton was still a hit on GMA and Live, with both Lara Spencer (as Larazander Hamilton) and Kelly Ripa dressing up as the founding father and performing modified versions of "Alexander Hamilton" and "My Shot."

This year's Live Halloween special marked the first one in years that former co-host Michael Strahan wasn't a part of, so O'Connell filled in, with the show even poking fun at Ripa's search for Strahan's replacement. Ironically, though, both O'Connell and Strahan, now on GMA, wore the same costume on Monday: Pikachu. O'Connell, however, in keeping with Live's multi-costume approach, sported several ensembles over the course of the hour-long talk show.

That wasn't the only time Live and GMA repeated themselves. Both shows featured performers dressed as Suicide Squad's Joker and Harley Quinn and Ken Jeong made cameo appearances on GMA, Live and The View on Monday.

Read on for a breakdown of the costumes worn on many of the morning and daytime talk shows.

Good Morning America

Spencer was the first to unveil her costume, with co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos saying they hadn't seen her all morning before she burst through a $10 bill background and introduced herself as Larazander Hamilton, dressed as Miranda's Broadway character, complete with a goatee and dark hair. She sang a revised version of "My Shot" for Pop News, which she attempted to deliver all in rhyme.

Spencer then starred in a horror movie  a TV show-inspired bit in which she wandered around the deserted GMA studios and encountered spooky sights that alluded to The Shining, Poltergeist and Stranger Things, even running into an Eggo-loving Robin Roberts in the Upside Down. The video included references to The Blair Witch Project and Scream, too, with Ken Jeong on the line asking Spencer what her favorite scary movie is.

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The below video puts GMA's spoof alongside the horror content that inspired it.

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Later, the GMA hosts took a bunch of kids on a celebrity Pokemon hunt, with Sara Haines and Alfonso Ribeiro helping out as Ghostbusters. During their search, they found Ginger Zee dressed as a forgetful Dory, Gio Benitez as Jigglypuff, Amy Robach as Sia and Strahan as Pikachu. Dancing With the Stars performers Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd also got into the act, making an appearance as The Joker and Harley Quinn.

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When the co-hosts went back outside, playing $100,000 Fear-a-mid, inspired by the Strahan-hosted $100,000 Pyramid, Jesse Palmer showed up as Captain America and TJ Holmes stopped by as Madea, even getting advice from Tyler Perry himself, who called in and offered Holmes tips on doing Madea's voice.

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ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos


NBC's Today show went back to the '90s, counting down some of the biggest pop-culture moments from the decade. And who better to host that countdown than former TRL host himself, Carson Daly, channeling his '90s MTV persona. As he counted down the pop-culture highlights, the Today co-hosts revealed their costumes.

Tamron Hall and Willie Geist took on Uma Thurman and John Travolta's dancing characters from Pulp Fiction. Savannah Guthrie recreated Demi Moore's famous pregnant Vanity Fair cover, in a morning-show friendly fashion: the pregnant Today co-host stuck her head through a large magazine cover depicting Moore's nearly-nude pose. Daly also played Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character, while Al Roker dressed as Steve Urkel. Matt Lauer recreated Today's Seinfeld cameo, dressing up as the puffy shirt-sporting Jerry, with former Today host Bryant Gumbel, who appeared in that Seinfeld episode, reprising his cameo role.

Kathie Lee Gifford went back to her '90s roots, dressing up as Regis Philbin, with Hoda Kotb as her Kathie Lee, with the real Philbin stopping by.

Jenna Bush Hager also got some real-life criticism from her grandmother, Barbara Bush, as she dressed up as the former First Lady, even doing the Macarena in costume.

Hall also dressed up as Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman character and Dylan Dreyer took on Baby Spice.

The Today show puppy, Charlie, also got into the act, with a Ty tag around his neck like a Beanie Baby.

Live With Kelly

Still in search of a full-time co-host, Kelly Ripa was joined by guest co-host Jerry O'Connell as she presided over the 2016 edition of Live's Halloween special. Ripa initially took the stage wearing a Hamilton-inspired outfit, sans goatee and with her blond locks merely pulled back into a ponytail, after a Halloween-themed Hamilton song, in which O'Connell and Matt Bomer sang about Ripa's costumes from Halloweens past.

The special, titled "Live's Best Halloween Show Ever: Decision 2016," was all about "decisions," from the presidential election to Ripa's search for a co-host, which she joked was "the most important decision of our time." Anderson Cooper, who recently took himself out of the running to be Ripa's full-time co-host, also reported on an important 2017 decision: Who would join the Spice Girls? Ripa and Co. dressed up as a number of inspired contenders including Tinder Spice, Old Spice and Patchouli Spice.

Ripa, O'Connell and Live staffers then took on the election, playing the Trump and Clinton families in a game of First Family Feud, hosted by Andy Cohen. Ripa played a sniffing Donald Trump, who felt the need to frequently interrupt with "wrong" and vowed to "make game shows great again." At the end of the sketch, Ripa's Trump could be heard saying, "Anyone hungry? Want to grab something?" Ripa also played Melania Trump. Meanwhile, O'Connell took on both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Later Ripa and O'Connell both carried bats, as Beyonce in her Lemonade video and Walking Dead villain Negan, respectively. O'Connell even suggested Ripa take a cue from Negan to pick her co-host. She was then shown pacing before several contenders including O'Connell, Christian Slater, Carrie Ann Inaba and Neil Patrick Harris, picking one (with some help from the actor behind Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, lifting her bat in the air as the camera faded to black.

The show also used a Bachelor in Paradise-inspired segment to poke fun at her co-host search. On the Chris Harrison-hosted show, Ripa was choosing from Josh Groban, Jussie Smollett, Harris, Inaba, Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong, O'Connell and Slater.

In another pre-taped segment, Ripa and Slater combined Mr. Robot and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood for Mister Robot's Neighborhood, with Ripa playing an alternately dour and cheerful version of Rami Malek's characters.

Ripa and O'Connell dressed as a Pokemon hunter and Pikachu, respectively, when they were joined by guest Kevin James, dressed as The Mets' Noah Syndergaard, long blond hair and all.

And when they presided over Live's costume contest, Ripa and O'Connell sported two of this year's most popular costumes, Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's The Joker, from Suicide Squad.

The View

ABC's The View got animated with all six of the current panel of co-hosts dressed up as various cartoon characters. Whoopi Goldberg was Marge Simpson and Raven-Symone dressed up as South Park's Cartman, with both also talking like their cartoon characters. Joy Behar went for Inside Out's Joy (of course) but didn't leave out the other emotions from the hit Disney-Pixar film, with stuffed versions of Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness attached to her costume, which she joked "should come with Prozac."

Candace Cameron Bure portrayed Tinker Bell, whom she said she loves, calling the look a "dream come true" and sprinkling pixie dust on Behar. Sunny Hostin dressed up as Dora the Explorer; Paula Faris was Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony; Sara Haines dressed as Smurfette; and Jedediah Bila portrayed Betty Boop.

ABC's Halloween MVP Ken Jeong was The View's guest, stopping by wearing a hot dog costume with a doctor's coat, the costume he wore on Dr. Ken, and bobbing for apples against Raven-Symone.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

DeGeneres dressed up as Sia for Monday's episode of her eponymous talk show, joking of the singer's eye-covering wig, "I can’t really see ya."

She continued to joke about Sia's unique look, saying, "I made this costume myself. I found some old loofahs backstage. It was not that hard to make. And this bow is from a car I gave away recently."

Guest Heidi Klum dressed up as Sia's dancer Maddie Ziegler and the two of them performed a bit of Sia's hit "Chandelier." DeGeneres earlier joked that both she and Sia "like to swing from a chandelier, which is why I’m no longer welcome at Bed, Bath, and Beyond."

Fox and Friends

On Fox & Friends, co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, headlines reporter Heather Nauert and meteorologist Janice Dean joined together as a "united" map of the U.S.

Kilmeade said their patriotic costume was inspired by the long 2016 presidential campaign that "may leave us feeling like a divided country so for our Halloween costume we wanted to come together and show you we are still one United States. Even Alaska and Hawaii."

Check out the costume in the photo below.