Talk Shows Celebrate Halloween: Megyn Kelly Joins 'Today' Hosts as Wonder Woman Makes Multiple Appearances

'GMA,' 'Today' and 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' all got in the holiday spirit on Tuesday.

Many of the major morning talk shows all got into the Halloween spirit on Tuesday, with Good Morning America, Today, Live With Kelly and Ryan and Fox and Friends all celebrating the holiday with costumed extravaganzas.

For her first Halloween as part of the NBC News family, Megyn Kelly joined the Today hosts for their celebration during the 8 o'clock hour. The Today gang all dressed as country music stars, with their real-life counterparts joining them in some cases. Kelly dressed as Shania Twain, specifically donning her look from the "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" video. And the real Twain even showed up to check out Kelly's look and, during Kelly's 9 o'clock hour, teach her some of her dance moves from Twain's video.

Elsewhere, Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired costumes made appearances on both GMA and Live With Kelly and Ryan. Kelly and Ryan's gender-bending hour featured multiple costumes and co-host Ryan Seacrest, in his first Halloween with the ABC morning show, dressing up multiple times as female characters. The duo also mashed up numerous TV shows, including Real Housewives and The Handmaid's Tale.

Read on for a breakdown of the costumes worn on many of the morning talk shows on Tuesday.

Good Morning America

The ABC morning show had a superhero-themed celebration, which was dubbed a "Superpowered Halloween."

Robin Roberts became the first of at least two hosts on Tuesday to don Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume, while Michael Strahan dressed as Thor (flowing blond locks and all), Amy Robach took on Spider-Man, Lara Spencer transformed into Black Widow, George Stephanopoulos did Clark Kent (aka Superman, just opening his shirt a bit to reveal a Superman logo), Rob Marciano morphed into Lego Batman and Ginger Zee was baby Groot, in an elaborate costume.

And Mark Ruffalo made an appearance as The Hulk, sporting Hulk hands.

Zee and Strahan even got videotaped messages from the actors behind those characters, Vin Diesel and Chris Hemsworth. Diesel talked about what Groot and Zee have in common, including loving to dance, and delivered a ferocious "I am Groot!"


Today went country as the NBC morning show hosts dressed up as famous musicians and performed some of their biggest hits, sometimes alongside their real-life counterparts. Kelly made her Today Halloween debut as Shania Twain, comparing looks and moves with the country superstar.

Al Roker dressed up as Willie Nelson and Hoda Kotb was Blake Shelton, alongside the Voice judge. Carson Daly sported a mullet as Billy Ray Cyrus, alongside the real musician (sporting shorter hair) while Kathie Lee Gifford took on Cyrus' daughter, Miley. 

And, in a big finish, Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer dressed as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, respectively. Yes, Matt Lauer continued his Halloween tradition of dressing up as a woman by transforming himself into Parton. Reba McEntire introduced the hosts


Live With Kelly and Ryan

Kelly wasn't the only TV personality making her morning show Halloween debut on Tuesday. Ryan Seacrest joined co-host Kelly Ripa for his first Live With Kelly and Ryan Halloween celebration, subtitled, "Look What You Made Us Do."

Indeed, the show opened with a video parodying Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video, as Ripa and Seacrest got ready for the show, with Ripa digging up graves and Seacrest in a diamond-filled bathtub. Ripa and Seacrest even had a troupe of dancers wearing "I heart K + R" T-shirts and told viewers in the video that "the old Kelly can't come to the phone because we're live."

The hosts then walked out as each other (Seacrest dressed as Ripa and Ripa dressed as Seacrest) and pretended to be one another as they went through the morning "host chat," with Seacrest as Ripa sharing stories about her family and Ripa as Seacrest talking about his busy schedule. Ripa also quipped that Seacrest should "be careful" as he crossed his legs.

"I can almost see what you had for breakfast," she said.

He chimed in, "Two eggs and a sausage."

In addition to multiple costume changes, Ripa and Seacrest also aired pre-taped video segments in which they mashed up popular TV shows, including ABC's Alec Baldwin-hosted Match Game and Game of Thrones (with the Live personalities dressing as characters from the HBO series); the Real Housewives franchise and The Handmaid's Tale, with Seacrest and Ripa sporting costumes from the Hulu hit while engaged in Housewives-like catfights and bickering; and Property Brothers and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Guests Andy Cohen, Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott and Miranda Sings all sported costumes and participated in the pre-taped bits.

Cohen joined the hosts for a Stranger Things-inspired segment with Ripa dressing as Eleven, Seacrest dressing as Mike and Cohen dressing as Dustin.

Ripa and Seacrest and the Property Brothers stars all dressed as Wonder Woman, both the Gal Gadot version and the Lynda Carter version. And Sings joined Seacrest and Ripa in re-creating Halloween costumes from their youth.

The Live hosts also as Guardians of the Galaxy characters, with Ripa taking on Gamora and Seacrest dressing as Peter Quill.

They ended their show with a blooper reel framed as an "After the Final Rose" Bachelorette special, with Ripa and Seacrest as the newly engaged couple and Chris Harrison hosting.


Live also compiled and released a video of all of the costumes, with Ripa and Seacrest lip-syncing to "Look What You Made Me Do."

Fox and Friends

Over on Fox and Friends, the Fox News co-hosts dressed up as idioms, with Janice Dean as "Raining Cats and Dogs," Steve Doocy as "Looks Like a Million Bucks," Ainsley Earhardt as "Blessing in Disguise," Brian Kilmeade as "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover," and Jillian Mele as "Devil's Advocate"