Halloween Gone Wrong: The 10 Least Scary Movies of All Time (Photos)

Just in time for Halloween, THR’s list of the least terrifying films to ever hit the big screen.

A murderous Santa? A devious leprechaun? A blood-thirsty killer doll and his doll wife? Unfortunately for them, these characters were not meant to star as terrifying leads in horror movies.

There are plenty of good horror films available for your Halloween-viewing pleasure, many of which will scare the living daylights out of you, or leave you unable to sleep at night.

PHOTOS: Least Scary Scary Movies

But the real gems of the horror genre are the films that missed the mark. Their plotlines were ridiculous, their dialogue was unbelievably cheesy or their special effects look like they were made by a 5th grade art class. These 10 horror and slasher films were so horrifyingly bad that they border on funny.

The head-scratcher with many of these films is that the cast can’t be the ones to blame. Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, Jesse Eisenberg and Jennifer Aniston all star in movies on this list. And all four of them went on to do much better things. In the horror genre, sometimes no amount of acting ability can overcome cringe-worthy dialogue or ludicrous plots.

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