'Star Wars' Spinoffs to Include Young Han Solo, Boba Fett (Report)

Han Solo Boba Fett Split - H 2013

Han Solo Boba Fett Split - H 2013

With Disney's Bob Iger confirming new stories in the "Star Wars" universe, two of the series' most iconic characters might get their own films.

A day after Disney confirmed that it will explore standalone Star Wars stories that push beyond a new planned trilogy, a report Wednesday indicates those films could include movies about two of its most iconic characters.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Disney/Lucasfilm will produce features about the early days of hero Han Solo and bounty hunter Boba Fett. Solo, the captain of the Millennium Falcon and key component to the destruction of the Empire, was played in the original trilogy by Harrison Ford. Fett, who has become a fan favorite, wears a mask and suit of armor but was portrayed as a boy in the 1999-2005 prequel trilogy.

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The report adds that the Solo film would take place in the time between the two trilogies, before Solo met Luke Skywalker. The Fett film would be set in between two of the three original films.

As THR previously reported, Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on the spinoff projects, though it is unclear which they are involved with.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) is penning the first new Star Wars film, which will be Episode VII -- the beginning of a new trilogy. J.J. Abrams will direct that film.