London Handbag Brand Danse Lente Opens First Pop-Up in L.A.

Celeb Favorite Danse Lente Opens First US Pop Up in Los Angeles - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Cibelle Levi

Gabrielle Union, Freida Pinto, Kristen Bell and Lucy Hale have all been spotted with the colorful, architectural bags.

Danse Lente may translate to "slow dance" in French, but there has been nothing slow about the pace at which the London-based handbag brand has grown since its launch in 2016.

Designer Youngwon Kim set out to bridge the gap between luxury bags and a reasonable price point. The mid-tier tag ($430-$560) has sat nicely with celebrities and bloggers who have been spotted at fashion weeks and during their street style outings carrying the bags.

In addition to the palatable price, the brand's aesthetic stands apart for the architectural lines, geometric hardware and unexpected color combinations. Gabrielle Union, Freida Pinto, Kristen Bell and Lucy Hale are all fans, as are the endless influencers, including Brittany Xavier and Tamu McPherson, who have gravitated toward signature styles like the "Mini Johnny" and the "Josh" bags.

The Josh bag done in mesh will be an exclusive style to the Los Angeles pop-up store — Kim's first pop-up in the U.S., which also happens to be perfectly timed to Coachella weekend, where her bags will no doubt make plenty of appearances among the denim cutoffs and eyelet mini dresses.

Open April 11 through May 2, the 1,169-square-foot space nestled at Melrose Place will house an assortment of Danse Lente bags as well as a playful and sporty look reflective of the exclusive "Josh" mesh style.

"For this L.A. pop-up, we wanted to design the space that would match the vibe of the bag,” says Kim of the inspiration for the look of the space. "We first launched the Josh style a couple seasons ago and took the casual and sporty elements and used mesh to push it further. It really highlights Danse Lente's classic yet sculptural feel."

For the decor inside the store, this means custom-built football bench seats brought in from the U.K., wooden shelves that mirror Danse Lente's silhouettes and product housed in mint-colored lockers. There is also a kinetic installation that Kim claims is not to be missed.

No doubt that, aside from the bags, the installation will be a hit with guests who will snap it for their Instagram feeds while choosing which style to carry this spring.

Danse Lente, 8476 Melrose Place in Los Angeles; open April 11 through May 2 from Monday to Saturday, noon to 7 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.