'The Hangover' edges 'Up' from No. 1 spot

Final boxoffice figures show Warners comedy made $45 mil

Things got so topsy-turvy in crunching final boxoffice data that they produced a "Hangover."

Disney/Pixar's "Up" moved down one rung in the weekend boxoffice rankings released Monday. That's after final data showed Warner Bros.' "The Hangover" had topped domestic rankings with $45 million.

"Up," a 3-D animated feature, had been declared the weekend winner with an estimated $44.2 million during its second session; final data showed its real tally to be $44.1 million. The R-rated comedy "Hangover" improved from an estimated $43.3 million to an actual $45 million weekend.

"The Lakers weren't the only winner (Sunday)," Warners distribution chief Dan Fellman said Monday. "The Sunday boxoffice was sensational and driven by word-of-mouth."

Legendary Pictures was a co-producer and co-financer on "Hangover."

The "Hangover" win put a cherry on a first-frame performance that topped anybody's wildest projections for the Todd Phillips-helmed film. Disney still will celebrate its scant 35% drop this weekend from opening grosses as "Up" reached a $137.6 million domestic cume.

The latest session's No. 3 finisher remained the same, with Universal's Will Ferrell starrer "Land of the Lost" falling from an estimated $19.5 million to an actual $18.8 million for its first three days. "Lost" already was a disappointment, so its slide in the Monday actuals served only as a bit of salt in the wound.

The reversal of the weekend's top two rankings means the summer still has not produced repeat No. 1 boxoffice performances.
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