‘The Hangover Part II’ Smashes Box Office Record: Biggest Five-Day R-Rated Opening Ever

The Hangover 2 Elevator Still 2011
Warner Bros.

The Hangover 2

Debuting last Thursday on the eve of the long Memorial Day weekend, the raunchy sequel earned $137.4 million through Monday, upsetting a record held by "The Matrix Reloaded."

Not only did Warner Bros.’ The Hangover Part II score the best opening of all time for a comedy at the domestic box office, it grossed the most of any R-rated film in its first five days.

Hangover, debuting last Thursday on the eve of the long Memorial Day weekend, earned $135 million through Monday. That beats the $134.3 million earned by Warner’sThe Matrix Reloaded in its first five days (the one caveat--Matrix Reloaded opened on Wednesday evening, so didn't have a full day).

The movie’s performance marks a milestone for Hollywood, proving that comedies can become summer event pics, and do as well as superhero franchises. In addition to breaking several key records, Hangover also nabbed the fourth-best opening ever for Memorial Day.

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Overseas, Hangover also soared, opening to $70.1 million from 40 countries--thee times higher than the first Hangover and bringing the sequel's global bow to $205.1 million through Monday. Hangover grossed $16.4 million in the U.K., the best ever launch for a U.S. comedy, as well as the top opening of 2011.

Back in the U.S., Matrix Reloaded still retains the crown for top opening for an R-rated film when comparing weekend earnings for the two titles. Matrix Reloaded grossed $91.8 million over the Friday-Sunday stretch, while Hangover grossed $86 million.

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It’s difficult to make exact comparisons since Matrix Reloaded didn’t open over Memorial Day.  The movie debuted May 15, 2003, a Wednesday.

Whatever the case, Hangover is squarely No. 2 in terms of all-time best opening for an R-rated film.

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So, could a third Hangover be on the way?

"We'll see," director Todd Phillips recently told the Associated Press. "It's about audience's desire to see it, and how well this one does, and if these guys are up for taking another trip and doing something (expletive) crazy."

Said star Bradley Cooper, "We don't want to get ahead of ourselves. There's no rush."

For now, he is impressed with the film's success thus far. Asked by the AP if he feels pressure to top the success of the first film, Cooper said: "The pressure I felt was to make a great movie, and I believe we made a great movie. That's the pressure. Whether the audience is going to like it or not, it's out of our control. We've done everything we can to make a movie we're proud of. I think it's certainly better than the first movie."