'Hangover Part II' Trailer Hits Web (Video)

The 1-minute clip, set to Jay's "Reminder," promises, "The Wolf Pack Is Back."

The Wolfpack Is Back in the first teaser trailer from The Hangover Part II.

The one-minute clip, set to Jay-Z's "Reminder," shows Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms (but no Justin Bartha) strutting around Thailand. Scenes of cockroaches and dirty bathrooms also flash.

"This is kind of nice, isn't it?" says Galifianakis, who is bald. "The three of us back together again."

"Oh, God," says Helms, who drunkenly pulled out his teeth and married a stripper (Heather Graham) in the first film.

It hits theaters this Memorial Day.