'The Hangover Part III': Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis Tell All (Video)

Director Todd Phillips and star Ed Helms also posed for THR's cover, with the Wolf Pack revealing secrets of their R-rated trilogy.

The men behind The Hangover Part III had plenty to say during their cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter.

Director Todd Phillips and stars Ed HelmsBradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis sat down with THR to discuss where the Wolf Pack are when the third film picks up.

“Stu is rather happily married and has kind of gotten a little cooler because of his wife is a cool woman, and has sort have toned him down a little bit,” Ed Helms said.

Galifianakis said the film is a departure of sorts for his character, with Alan being confronted to change his strange ways.

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“He has a couple of tragic things that happen to him in the third one,” he said. “Alan is also talked to by his friends about ... maybe getting some help about the way he is.” 

Phillips said the moment from the original film in which Alan buys ecstasy ended up sparking a series of events that culminate in Part III.

He added when they made the first Hangover, they hadn’t had plans on creating a trilogy. Rather, they “backwards engineered it to make it all feel like a trilogy.”

The men (for the most part) insisted there will be no fourth Hangover, with Phillips saying The Hangover Part III is the definitive end to the story.

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“This is the end. It’s a trilogy, and you’ll know when you see the end of this that it’s final,” Cooper says.

But Helms disagreed.

“I have four, five, six and seven mapped out,” Helms deadpanned. “Warner Bros. already signed off on it.”

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