'Hannah' goes 3-D on Starz

Watchers will make own 3-D glasses for show

Get out your poster board and scissors.

Starz Entertainment will help TV audiences make their own 3-D glasses at home and then spend some summer hours with Hannah Montana in 3-D on TV.

Disney's "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" will air on Starz in 2-D on July 26 -- when Disney Channel is scheduled to air the TV debut of the 3-D version. Then, Starz on Demand and Starz HD on Demand will begin offering the concert film in 3-D beginning July 27. It also will be scheduled on the Starz channels.

While the film was seen in digital 3-D in theaters, this TV experience will be presented in anaglyph, which means that the images are made up of two color layers, offset from each other to create the feeling of depth when viewed with two-color glasses.

To see the 3-D, viewers can log on to the Starz Web site and learn how to make their 3-D glasses at home. It starts with printing out the outline of the paper frames, along with instructions. Fans will need supplies including poster board, a red permanent marker, blue permanent marker and clear plastic wrapper.

"The tutorial comes across a bit young, but it's meant to be playful and encourage people to do an activity for a what is a passive activity like watching television," said Jonathan Shair, vp network group at Starz Entertainment.

Joe Peixoto, president of worldwide cinema at 3-D provider RealD, pointed to its difference between this distribution model and digital 3-D: "While I don't think the experience even compares to the digital experience, it is what is possible today in television. ... I don't happen to think (anaglyph) is a great experience."

Vince Pace, founder and president of 3-D company Pace and a producer of the "Hannah Montana" movie, said: "We want the primary use to be in its best exhibition form that we possibly can. As long as the project has that as its main goal of getting it out to the public and millions of people, Pace is 100% behind that project. If they want to have fun with it later on or use it in different ways, I consider that is not hurting the overall (3-D) effort. It's just having fun with a medium."

Said Chuck Goldwater, president of 3-D provider Access Integrated Technologies' media services group, "Anytime when content owners find additional ancillary markets and revenue for their product, that can only encourage the production of more content for the theatrical market, where it would benefit from its best and highest-quality presentation."

Starz's Shair said: "There has been movement in the theatrical business to do more 3-D. If Disney starts to do this more with its first-run theatricals, we would take advantage of it and offer it on all our platforms."

"Best of Both Worlds Concert" in 3-D is slated for an Aug. 19 DVD release.

The film opened in digital 3-D theaters in February, grossing more than $65.3 million.