Hannibal, Freedom Films Create Joint Venture to Produce Three Films

Family feature 'Touchback,' adventure tale 'Race to Save Nome' and racing film 'Daytona' have a combined budget of $55 million.

Hannibal Classics and Freedom Films have formed a joint venture to produce three features with a combined budget of $55 million: The family feature Touchback, adventure tale Race to Save Nome and racing film Daytona.

Freedom and Hannibal are financing the slate through a combination of equity raised through hedge fund, Palo Verde, tax subsidies and Hannibal's credit facilities based on presales and gap financing.

Hannibal will handle sales for the three titles at AFM, where the trailer for the just-completed Touchback, starring Brian Presley and Kurt Russell, will debut.

Touchback is produced by Brian Presley, Lisa Kearns, Carissa Buffel and Kevin Matusow are producing for Freedom. Exec producing for Hannibal are Richard Rionda Del Castro and Patricia Eberle.

Hannibal will also be repping worldwide rights on The Big Bang, starring Antonio Banderas, and foreign rights on Casino Jack, starring Kevin Spacey.