Hans Zimmer: Lack of Nomination for 'Inception's' Christopher Nolan 'Tremendous Oversight'

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio
Hans Zimmer

A look at who’s saying what in entertainment about this year's Oscar nominations.

“I will keep reminding myself I’m the same schmuck I was last night when I went to bed.”
— Aaron Sorkin
On staying grounded after his best adapted screenplay nom for The Social Network.

“To tell you the truth, one of the most important things about this is that I’m hoping that Jeffrey Katzenberg will give me a slightly easier time on Kung Fu Panda 2.”
— John Powell
The nominated How to Train Your Dragon composer, on his next DreamWorks Animation project.

“You feel a little bit like you crashed the party. I’m just trying to eat as much food as I can until they find me.”
— Jesse Eisenberg
The best actor nominee, on his first awards season.

“It’s a tremendous oversight. This is a true auteur movie. It’s like Fellini’s Amarcord without Fellini.”
— Hans Zimmer
The Inception composer, on the film’s helmer Christopher Nolan not receiving a best director nomination.

“I learned my lesson from the Globes, and I’m going to start looking soon so I don’t have to cram a billion fittings a couple days before.”
— Jennifer Lawrence
The best actress nominee, on picking a gown for the Oscars.

“We made it for 2 cents in five minutes. Now I wanna do Wolverina in 3D.”
— Lisa Cholodenko
The Kids Are All Right director-screenwriter, on life in the indie world.

“My dog must have had ESP.”
— David O. Russell
The Fighter director, on being woken up by his face-licking dog  just before the announcements were made and his phone rang.

“It suddenly makes up for all those times you get a bad review that says, ‘He’s like cured pig meat in this film.’ ”
— Geoffrey Rush
On receiving a best supporting actor nomination for The King’s Speech.

“It was panic because somehow my Internet and TV had a complete media blackout at the
crucial moment — but it turned out all was well in the end.”
— Trent Reznor
The best original score nominee for The Social Network, on not being able to see the announcements live.

“I loved Toy Story 3. I’m a fairly cynical man, but I cried, I blubbered.”
— David Seidler
The King’s Speech screenwriter, on the best picture nominee

“We didn’t get a nomination 4 best song! That Sucks!”
— Cher
Tweeting about Diane Warren’s snub for “I’m Still Here” from Burlesque.