Berlin 2013: Match Factory Takes Hany Abu-Assad's 'Omar'

Hany Abu-Assad P

The new feature from the "Paradise Now" director will unspool for buyers in Berlin.

BERLIN - The Match Factory has picked up international sales rights on Omar, the latest feature from Paradise Now director Hany Abu-Assad.

The drama, the story of three childhood friends and a young woman who are torn apart in their fight for freedom, is billed as the first fully-financed film to come out of the Palestinian cinema industry. Omar stars Waleed Zuaiter, who has appeared on Showtime Emmy-winning series Homeland, alongside Adam Bakri, Samer Bisharat, Eyad Hourani and Leem Lubany.

Zuaiter also produced together with David Gerson through the newly-formed Palestinian-American production company ZBros with financing coming from Palestinian investors and through the local Enjaaz Film Initiative.

Omar shot in Nazareth and the West Bank and is currently in post-production. Match Factory will introduce the feature to buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin this week.