Happily ever after for 'Enchanted' premiere


It was one "Enchanted" evening Saturday night as Disney unveiled its genre-melding movie "Enchanted" at the El Capitan Theatre, closing down Hollywood Boulevard in the process.

The real magic, however, was saved for the after-party which saw the parking lot behind the El Cap turned into sets of the movie, included a real ballroom, all under one tent. Props and costumes, photo stations, a rock wall, arcade, and games gave stars and guests -- many of whom brought their kids -- plenty to do.

"It seems like a Sunday afternoon kids premiere but Hollywood Boulevard is more fun at night," said producer Barry Josephson.

The movie is a wink-wink take on the Disney animated princess movie, with a cartoon fairy tale princess (Amy Adams) thrust into real live New York by an evil queen, and mixes animation, family comedy, musical, fantasy and romance.

For Josephson, it was an eight-year journey to get the movie made. The most important lesson he learned throughout that time? If you love a concept, then stick with it.

"Be a dog with a bone. If you see the potential, which I did, you can't let go," he said. "I worked on 'Men in Black' as movie executive for five and a half years, and I believed in that concept too. When you're a producer, you don't get that many shots, so you can't just burn material."

Kevin Lima, a veteran of Disney's animation team who directed Disney's "Tarzan" and the live action "102 Dalmations," said the hardest thing about helming the movie was finding the right tone.

"It was walking the tightrope of how satirical do you make it, how self-referential do you make it," he said. "What I decided to do was believe in it with all my heart and make it a love letter. And be sincere."

And it was sincerity that he looked for when casting the movie. Lima saw over 300 girls before Adams, in her pre-"Junebug" Oscar nomination days, walked into his room.

"I said, 'Please let this girl know what to do with this,'" he said. "And she did. She didn't judge her character...The movie wouldn't be half of what it is without her."

Adams, in a white dress looking very much like a princess Saturday night, listed off the main qualities of a Disney princess: "She has to be very full joy, full of song... and have a rebellious streak."

Does that describe you too?

"Pretty much. Pretty close."