Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage: A Tribute in GIFs

Nicolas Cage

The free-spending actor lost four homes to foreclosure (in Bel-Air, Las Vegas and two properties in New Orleans). He then sued his business manager for $20 million for allegedly leading him down a path to bankruptcy.

Happy 51st birthday!

Nicolas Cage turns 51 today, and to celebrate his birthday, here's a list of our top ten most absurd Nic Cage GIFs. The actor's face (off or on) easily displays the full range of human emotions, so he makes for some very entertaining moments.

Here's to you, Nicolas Cage — all of the different versions of you.

10. Screaming Nic Cage

9. Artsy Nic Cage

8. Elated Nic Cage

7. Dead-eye Nic Cage

6. Threatening Nic Cage

5. Pumped-up Nic Cage

4. Angry Nic Cage

3. Emotional Nic Cage

2. Pig Nic Cage

1. Face ... Off Nic Cage