Happy Birthday, Sarah McLachlan: Thanks for Saving Puppies Everywhere

Sarah McLachlan - H 2015
AP Images

Sarah McLachlan - H 2015

A look back at McLachlan's sad ASPCA commercials.

Go Daddy canceled its puppy commercial, Budweiser released its new Super Bowl puppy commercial and Uber is delivering dogs upon request. Puppy news abounds today and it is only fitting because it is also puppy lover and dog guardian angel Sarah McLachlan's 47th birthday.

What better time to revisit her famous sad puppy PSAs?

In 2006 McLachlan and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) released a series of commercials featuring despondent-looking pets in search of a home. The commercials had McLachlan's songs playing in the background, in particular "Angel" and "Answer."

The commercials generated more than $30 million for the ASPCA and ended up inspiring multiple parody videos. McLachlan herself said she can't handle watching the depressing ads. "I change the channel. I can't take it," she said. "I can't even look at it. It's just so depressing."

If you need to recover from the animal cruelty PSAs, here's a look at the parodies it inspired, including a Super Bowl commercial starring McLachlan herself.