Happy Birthday, Sherlock: A Tribute in GIFs

He'd be 151.

Today, Jan. 6, is the birthday of a very special fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Over the years there have been a multitude of actors who have personified Sherlock, but today we are celebrating with the help of one of our favorites, Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch's wide range of expressions bring Sherlock to life in the eponymous BBC series, and here's a look at some GIFs that perfectly capture his personality. Happy birthday, Sherlock!

Oh, what this man can do with his hands.

Always ready with a compliment.

Thanks for the scare, Sherlock.

OK, consider yourself redeemed.

Moriarty face-offs FTW.

His love for Dr. John Watson knows no bounds.

Sherlock's mind palace leads to all kinds of revelations.

O, that I were a mug in that hand, that I might touch those lips.

Happy birthday, indeed.

Thank you to GIPHY for the GIFs.

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