Hark, Chan keep 'Eye' out for 2nd sequel


Director Tsui Hark and producer Peter Chan will begin shooting "The Eye 3" before year's end, world sales handlers the Little Film Co. and co-producers Applause Pictures and the Ruddy Morgan Organization said Thursday.

The Hong Kong duo's collaboration extends the popular horror franchise, which has Cruise/Wagner Prods. and Lionsgate developing the series' second English-language remake.

"We are proud of this franchise and want to expand it even further with the fresh eye and talent of Tsui Hark at the helm," said Andre Morgan of Los Angeles-based Ruddy Morgan.

The Mandarin-language film is budgeted at $5 million and will shoot in China and Thailand, said Morgan, who added that casting negotiations are ongoing.

Robbie Little, principal of London-based Little Film Co., which produced and is selling South Africa's Oscar winner "Tsotsi," will work on "Eye 3" sales at the American Film Market with Patricia Cheng of ARM Distribution. ARM is an Asian cinema joint venture between Ruddy Morgan and Hong Kong-based Applause Pictures.

Hark, coming off last year's actioner "Seven Swords," will direct the story about the grieving widow Ching, who believes her dead photographer husband Dave is sending her supernatural messages about his death at sea during a diving expedition of ancient ruins in uncharted waters.