Harland Williams On Board Ting & Juma: The Movie

The Canadian comic is to help develop a feature treatment of Rainmaker Entertainment's mascots after the animated duo starred in a series of shorts.

TORONTO – Rainmaker Entertainment is partnering with comic Harland Williams on a feature film based on the Canadian CG animation maker’s mascots, Ting & Juma.

  Ting & Juma: The Movie follows Vancouver-based Rainmaker producing a series of animated shorts that feature energetic alien Ting and caveman-ish Juma, including one unveiled at 2010 Winter Olympics that had the duo creating a new snow sport.

  Rainmaker president and executive producer Catherine Winder has now brought on board Williams to help develop the animated feature.

  “Harland naturally brings such an innovative comedic and quirky sensibility to the process which is perfectly fitting with the direction we are taking our slate of films at Rainmaker.” Winder said.

  Williams will also appear in Disney’s upcoming live action feature Spooky Buddies.

  The veteran comic is represented in the Rainmaker deal by Bricken Entertainment and McKuin, Frankel, & Whitehead LLP.