'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas': What Moviegoers Are Saying

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas - Movie Still: Kal Penn w Santa - H - 2011
Darren Michaels/New Line Productions Inc.

The threequel starring Kal Penn and John Cho has had some calling it "random" and "everything I had hoped for and then some."

The first holiday film of the year has hit theaters and it's an unlikely offering: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

The raunchy, politically incorrect film, starring Kal Penn and John Cho in the title roles, is the third in the franchise, which began with 2004's Harold & Kumar Take White Castle, before venturing into Guantanamo Bay with the 2008 sequel. But industry types are hoping the movies translate onto teh small screen. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Lionsgate is shopping a potential animated TV series with the two actors on board to voice their characters.

VIDEO: 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' Red Band Trailer

THR's Kirk Honeycutt wrote of the threequel in the comedy movie franchise, co-starring Neil Patrick Harris: "The third installment of these mildly successful stoner comedies doesn’t so much work off a screenplay as a checklist: Have we shown any spurting blood recently? Has a young child inadvertently dragged into the movie’s misadventures ingested any new drug? When was the last racial joke?" But, he adds, nothing has changed much with Harold and Kumar. "How funny this nonsense is will be found in the minds of viewers," he writes.

Fans of the previous films seemed excited for the newest update. "Harold and Kumar was great. NPH [Neil Patrick Harris] smoking crack is worth the price of admission alone," wrote Chris Krapek after he saw the movie on Saturday. Another moviegoer held a similar sentiment, praising its randomness: "The Harold and Kumar movie was so random. Mad funny" though.

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"Harold and Kumar was everything I had hoped for and then some. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while," Kupka declared. Lundon Boyd commented on the 3D format of the film, which some said played a part in the film with objects being thrust in the audience's direction. It "has been the only 3d movie ive liked so far," he wrote on Twitter.

Todd offered this, "Hoping there won't be many people at the noon showing of Harold and Kumar. I don't remember being up by noon very often when I was a stoner." Justin Robert Young voiced annoyance at the film's modest box office performance thus far. "Ugh ... Harold and Kumar is dropping a yule log at the box office," he wrote. "My fantasy team is screwed. Help me Kermit the Frog. You're my only hope." (The Muppets comes out later this month.)

Krista brought up the early release for the Christmas film. "We are going to see A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmast today. Don't get me wrong, want to see the movie, but isn't it early for Christmas?," she said. Ian Harrington wrote, "Just saw harold and kumar. Think I've still got the more absurdist approach but they're catching up."