Harries won't renew ITV contract


LONDON -- Andy Harries, ITV controller of drama, comedy and films and executive producer of boxoffice hit "The Queen," has told bosses he will not renew his contract when it expires next year, sources said Monday.

Harries, a thirty-year ITV veteran who has produced some of ITV's biggest dramas, including "Prime Suspect" and "Cracker," is expected to continue to work with ITV on some projects, perhaps as an independent producer.

In August, he launched a blistering attack on ITV senior management, accusing them of taking the channel "downmarket" and making the channel "unwatchable."

"There has been deep complacency, combined with arrogance. ITV has been caught napping big time," he said at the time.

An ITV spokeswoman said Harries was expected to see out his contract, but was known to be looking elsewhere.

"Andy is a huge talent and remains with us for another year. It's no secret that he has been considering his options with a range of partners," she said.

"One of the offers on the table is from ITV. Whatever happens, we look forward to continuing working with Andy. He will continue making quality programs for ITV," the spokeswoman said.