Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman Top Survey of Best Fictional Presidents

Harrison Ford as James Marshall
Columbia Pictures

Harrison Ford kicked terrorist tail as James Marshall, a president forced to take matters into his own hands when his plane comes under attack by Russian terrorists, in Air Force One.

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would potentially have trouble defeating Bill Pullman's "Independence Day" Commander in Chief, if he were on the ballot.

President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney may think this election season has been tough, but a new survey reveals the candidates might have had an even harder time had they been going toe to toe with Hollywood’s best fictional presidents.

The survey commissioned by The Credits, a website sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America, asked voters which Hollywood president they would vote for instead of Obama or Romney.

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Harrison Ford’s tough Air Force One Commander in Chief James Marshall came out on top with 23 percent of the vote. Coming in behind Ford was Morgan Freeman as President Beck in Deep Impact. Bill Pullman’s Independence Day President Whitmore came in third with nine percent. (It seems that memorable lines such as “get off my plane” top saving the entire Earth from world conquering aliens or leading a nation through a comet crash.)

Though female candidates were put on the ballot, they didn’t fare well in the survey, coming in the three last places. They were Cherry Jones (Fox’s 24), Geena Davis (ABC’s Commander in Chief) and Mary McDonnell in (SyFy’s Battlestar Gallactica).

The survey also opened up the voting to any actor, not just those who had played a president. Under that condition, Denzel Washington reigned supreme, followed by Morgan Freeman and a two-way tie for third between Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford. Both Eastwood and Ford were favored by Romney supporters, while women heavily favored Washington.

And as if a survey about Hollywood stars becoming president weren’t entertaining enough, there was also a question about which fictional character would best lead the country during a zombie apocalypse.

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Potential voters believed Samuel L. Jackson’s experience exterminating serpents in Snakes on a Plane would translate well to delivering the nation from an undead plague. Milla Jovovich’s character from the Resident Evil franchise came in behind Jackson at No. 2, even though she’s got more experience killing zombies. Tom Cruise’s character from War of the Worlds rounded out the top three. If he can fight intelligent aliens, mindless zombies shouldn’t be too much of a problem, voters probably reasoned.

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