Harrison Ford 'Star Wars' Accident: Disney-Owned U.K. Company Admits to Health, Safety Breaches

Harrison Ford Star Wars Premiere H 2015
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Harrison Ford Star Wars Premiere H 2015

The film's producer admitted that health and safety breaches caused an incident that left the Hollywood actor hospitalized with a broken leg.

Foodles Production (UK), a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Co. that was in charge of producing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in a British court Tuesday conceded workplace health and safety breaches that could have killed Harrison Ford during an on-set accident two years ago.

The Guardian reported that the court heard the accident during rehearsals left Ford, then 71, with a broken leg after he was pinned down by a hydraulic door, and facing a "risk of death." The Milton Keynes magistrates court heard the June 12, 2014 incident involving the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft that Ford's character, Han Solo, pilots in the original films, had the actor at one point going through a heavy door and pressing a button.

Prosecutor Andrew Marshall told the court that Ford, who was reprising his role, returned through the heavy door when he felt it safe to do so. But the actor didn't know the door was remotely operated and was about to forcefully come down and pin his body to the ground, the paper reported.

Marshall told the court Ford's life was saved "because an emergency stop was activated." Production on the film was suspended for two weeks after the injury to Ford.

Foodles pleaded guilty to the health and safety breaches and will be sentenced on Aug. 22.