Harry Lloyd Teases 'Counterpart' Season 2: "You Don't Know Who's From What Side"

"Everyone's either hiding a massive secret or trying to find out something that their life depends on," Lloyd tells The Hollywood Reporter of his Starz series.

Starz’s science-fiction thriller Counterpart has crossed into its second season, where the mysteries only continue to intensify as viewers and co-star Harry Lloyd are placed into 1987 Berlin. 

The series created by Justin Marks finds Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons in a dual role as he navigates parallel lives as an employee of a spy agency, Howard Silk, in two different worlds (the “Prime world” and the “Alpha world"). 

Lloyd plays Peter Quayle, an operative and colleague of Silk, and told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio that the theme of season two came together in the editing room. 

“It's about the fact that, whether we like it or not, this is a war between these two sides and these two versions of a single person cannot coexist. And as soon as you accept that, you might get ahead."

As of now, Lloyd’s character has only made an appearance in the Alpha world but the actor noted that he knows a bit about his counterpart. 

“I will say that we were all told before we started shooting season one that every character has another. [Whether] the audience meet them or we'll meet them is up for grabs,” he revealed. 

Meanwhile, awards season is kicking up in Hollywood with the announcement of the 76th Golden Globe Awards nominees, and Lloyd’s The Wife co-star Glenn Close scored a nomination for best actress in a motion picture drama. 

The actor admitted that the film took quite some time to be made, but he was never concerned with the storyline being considered timely since the script made larger audience connections by exploring difficult subjects.

“I just thought that this is a great story and I did not know where it was going,” Lloyd said. "I was fascinated by this relationship [between Joan and Professor Joe Castleman] and how messy it was and how they talk to each other — I just really liked the observation of it."

Lloyd has a lot to be excited about as his career continues to thrive, but much of his success is owed to his widely recognized turn on HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is coming to an end. 

The actor played Daenerys Targaryen's older brother, Viserys, before meeting his demise in the premiere season. Lloyd told THR that although he doesn’t have any insider knowledge about the final installment, he isn’t surprised that his character’s desire for world domination might come to fruition. 

"I mean Targaryens are very tricky people to kill. His legacy lives on.”

Counterpart season two premiered Sunday on Starz.

Watch the video above to hear Lloyd discuss working with Simmons, the rules you have to follow after being killed off of Game of Thrones and more.