Harry Styles' Gucci Suit Defiled by Cupcake-Wielding Kids in "Kiwi" Music Video

Harry Styles - Kiwi - Video Screen shot -H 2017
Courtesy of BBC Music YouTube

Plus, puppies.

If there's anything we know about Harry Styles, it's that the man is a fan of Gucci suits. 

Though he's not a spokesperson for the brand in any official capacity (yet), the 23-year-old has consistently worn the Italian fashion house's flashy florals while promoting his eponymous debut solo album this year. So it comes as no surprise that he chose another Gucci look for his new music video "Kiwi," released Wednesday. 

What is surprising, however, is Styles' reckless behavior while wearing said suit. Without regard for the expensive floral turquoise ensemble, the singer is seen engaging in a food fight with children armed with an arsenal of desserts — from cupcakes to jelly- and custard-filled pastries and other stain-inducing sugary confections.

Styles himself traipses into the battle toward the end of the video (leading an army of puppies, because of course), leaving fans to instead focus on the video's long-haired protagonist, a miniature Styles look-alike by the name of Beau, clad in a matching Gucci suit and armed with bright blue cupcakes.

Puppies, sweets and cute Harry Styles mini-me's? What more could a fan ask for? Watch the video below.