Hart Sharp Vid: 'We are self-sufficient'


While Hart Sharp Entertainment founders John Hart and Jeffrey Sharp are going their separate ways, it will be business as usual at Hart Sharp Video, aside from an impending name change, said Joe Amodei, president and founder of the video company.

He originally named it Hart Sharp in honor of the two company investors who are now parting ways.

 "To be clear, Hart Sharp Video and Hart Sharp Entertainment are two completely different companies," Amodei said. "Hart Sharp Entertainment is one of five different investors into Hart Sharp Video, and their demise has no effect whatsoever on this business."

Hart Sharp Video has always negotiated films for distribution independently of Hart Sharp Entertainment, including the hit documentary "Super Size Me" and has never released any Hart Sharp Entertainment titles.

"We are self-sufficient," Amodei said, though Hart Sharp Video will be seeking new investors and making a name change in the near future.

Amodei created Hart Sharp Video in January of 2003 after the shutdown of USA Films' home entertainment division, where Amodei also served as president.

Hart Sharp Video released its first title in June of the same year with a music title - "Sinatra: The Classic Duets."

Since then it has handled such high-profile releases as the award-winning "Super Size Me." The company has a slate of five documentaries to be acquired in partnership with Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock slated for release this year under the "Morgan Spurlock Presents..." banner. Those include "Class Act," "The Future of Food," "Chalk," "Czech Dreams" and "The Third Wave."

Jessica Wolf is senior editor with Home Media Magazine.