Hartford Mayor: 'Dave Chappelle Should Quit Whining'

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Dave Chappelle

Pedro Segarra tweeted about the comedian's Connecticut rant.

Dave Chappelle may have had enough of Hartford, but the Connecticut capital's mayor has had enough of him.

Pedro Segarra tweeted Thursday morning that the comedian should lay off his city.

"Dave Chappelle should quit whining, do his job and try some yoga. #HartfordHasIt P.E.S.," he wrote on the mayor's office's Twitter account.

In a follow-up statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter, Segarra said "I wasn't at the show, so I can't comment on it specifically. But his recent remarks were immature and inappropriate. Dave Chappelle should stick to his job, give the fans what they paid for and not disparage the good people of Hartford."

Chappelle walked out on an audience in Hartford last week after being heckled and ranted about it onstage in Chicago, calling the Hartford crowd a bunch of "young, white alcoholics" and saying he wanted to "pull a reverse Kramer" on them.

The comedian also said he hoped a nuclear bomb fell on the city.