Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment by Hong Kong TV Host (Report)

Jim Spellman/WireImage
Harvey Weinstein

An aspiring host of the Asian edition of 'Project Runway' recalls a familiar scenario in which she experienced unwanted advances after being lured to the producer's hotel room.

A former Hong Kong TV personality has made her own allegation of sexual harassment against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.  

Following October's bombshell New York Times and New Yorker stories alleging that Weinstein sexually harassed, assaulted and/or raped dozens of actresses over the span of decades, more than 80 women have come forward accusing the producer. The latest allegation from Hong Kong illustrates that Weinstein's accusers were not limited to the U.S. and Europe. 

In a multi-story exposé on harassment in the Hong Kong movie industry published by local investigative media outlet HK01 on Wednesday morning local time, Weinstein is accused of sexually harassing a former host on TVB, Hong Kong's largest free-to-air broadcaster, whose account closely aligns with that reported by dozens of other women.

The TV personality, who wished to stay anonymous but agreed to an on-camera but masked interview with HK01, said that she met Weinstein in 2009, when the producer was attempting to break into the fast-growing Chinese film and TV market. The woman says she met Weinstein via Bey Logan, a former Asia vp of The Weinstein Co. and who is also subject of an HK01 report alleging sexual misconduct. 

The woman, now in her twenties but with over a decade of television experience, told HK01 that Logan arranged for her to have a meeting with Weinstein at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong to talk about a potential hosting job on the Asian edition of the TWC-produced Project Runway. After arriving at the hotel coffee shop, Logan told her that Weinstein was in his room upstairs attending to business and suggested she have the meeting in his room. Thinking that it was a work meeting and not suspecting otherwise, she went up to Weinstein's room and found him alone.

According to HK01's report, Weinstein and the woman sat and talked on the sofa for some time, but the producer began to edge closer to her, touching her waist, arm and shoulder while he talked. It was then Weinstein asked whether she would take off her clothes so that he could see her figure. She said that he told her, "If you don't take off your clothes, I won't be able to give you a job."

The woman said she instantly refused, but then Weinstein told her to stand in front of the mirror, pulling up her top to reveal her body. She tried to pull it down to protect herself. Then he asked if she would watch him while he took a shower, and even offered her the alternative of letting him watch her take a shower, saying that he would only sit and watch and would not touch her.

The woman described the encounter to HK01 as akin to "bargaining" and that she felt Weinstein was testing her limits of acceptance. When he saw that she would not agree to his requests, he became dismissive and his tone impatient, and said to her, "OK, fine, you can leave now."

The woman said that when she went downstairs, she immediately complained to Logan about Weinstein's behavior. She told HK01 that Logan replied that he thought that when she agreed to go up to Weinstein's room, she implicitly accepted that he would act in that way or similar.