Harvey Weinstein: 'American Sniper' Critics Should Go After "These Pieces of Junk Our Kids Are Seeing"

Harvey Weinstein Oscars - H - 2014
Associated Press

The mogul also urged journalists working on stories about problems with the film to "do the research."

Harvey Weinstein has joined those defending American Sniper.

In a conversation with Indiewire editor-in-chief Dana Harris at Sundance, Weinstein credited the Clint Eastwood film for "introduc[ing] America to PTSD" and in response to those who've attacked Sniper for various reasons, Weinstein suggested there might be a better target.

"How about all these pieces of junk our kids are seeing? Let’s go after them instead," he said.

The Weinstein Co. head attributed the desire to produce negative stories about American Sniper to journalists' misguided priorities.

"No one was ever saying, 'There’s a really good story about a human being who hands out money to children, builds houses, works hard. The Jimmy Carter story,' " Weinstein explained. "You sit in an editorial meeting and [pitch] the Jimmy Carter story and they go, 'F—ing boring. I don’t give a shit.' Our priorities are so screwed. When you say, 'Hey, American Sniper’s got a hole in it,' they salivate over that stuff. It’s sexy."

Weinstein urged journalists working on pieces about American Sniper to "do one thing that used to happen all the time: Do the research."