Harvey Weinstein Explains Support for Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders

Harvey Weinstein Getty-H 2016
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

"The world is crazy right now. We need that strong hand, smart hand," Weinstein said of Clinton.

Harvey Weinstein talked politics on Friday's CBS This Morning while promoting The Weinstein Company's new film Sing Street.

The mogul is a strong Hillary Clinton supporter and he said he often discusses politics with his family. His mother, he said, was a Donald Trump supporter who now backs Clinton, and his daughter was in the Bernie Sanders camp but is now wavering in her support. 

When asked about the giant Sanders rally in Washington Square Park on Wed., Weinstein responded by saying, "There's a great song by The Who and it's called 'We Won't Get Fooled Again.'"

He continued, "When it comes to diagnosing the problem, he's got a great idea." Weinstein said that Sanders' plans for universal health care and college tuition are too far-reaching and expensive.

"Listen, I can afford to send my kids to school," Weinstein said. "Let's concentrate on the kids who can't afford to go to school." He said giving his daughter a free college education when he can afford to provide that himself is not the correct solution.

"Let's get the [funds to the] ones who can't afford health care. It's an easier solution than saying, 'Let's give it away and then bankrupt the country.'" Weinstein joked that he knows "a lot of guys that can add" and Sanders' plan "does not add up, plain and simple."

"So I'd rather go with Hillary's, who's a strong, proven leader," Weinstein said. "And the world is crazy right now. We need that strong hand, smart hand."