Harvey Weinstein to Kathryn Bigelow: 'I'm Not the Antichrist'

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The mogul, who tried to steal the "Zero Dark Thirty" director's thunder with "SEAL Team Six," insisted he wasn't such a bad guy after getting a chilly reception at an L.A. party.

This story first appeared in the Jan. 25 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When Harvey Weinstein approached Kathryn Bigelow on Jan. 12 at the BAFTA tea party at the Four Seasons Los Angeles to say hello, she looked unimpressed, offering a lukewarm handshake.

"I'm not the Antichrist," he declared loudly in front of a throng of well-wishers. The Zero Dark Thirty director apparently is smarting from her recent history with Hurricane Harvey. First, he tried to produce the film, but Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal opted for Megan Ellison's more hands-off Annapurna Pictures.

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Rebuffed, the mogul, still looking to get in on the Osama bin Laden action, boarded the less prestigious SEAL Team Six and tried to steal Bigelow's thunder by airing it on National Geographic Channel ahead of ZDT's release.