Harvey Weinstein: Not Buying U.S. Rights to ‘Dragon Tattoo’ His Biggest Flub

Weinstein Company chairman tells Newsweek, "I didn't listen to my significant gut."

Harvey Weinstein regrets not purchasing the US rights to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

He told the upcoming issue of Newsweek magazine that it is his biggest business mistake. Highlights of the article were printed in the New York Post.
"Everything about it in my gut said, 'Do this,' " he said. "But my team said 'No, we should focus on bigger movies' . . . I didn't listen to my very significant gut .
"That was a big bloody mistake," he added.
As far as personal mistakes, Weinstein said that Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista got him into the habit of smoking in airplane restrooms. When he tried it, "I got caught."
He told the flight attendant that "when I smoked with Kate Moss, you never busted me. He said the magic words: 'You are no Kate Moss.'
"They nearly arrested me."