Harvey Weinstein Rep Responds to Reports of Indictment

Harvey Weinstein - De Grisogono Love On The Rocks - 70th annual Cannes Film Festival - Getty-H 2017

The disgraced former movie mogul is being defended by Blair Berk and Ben Brafman.

Harvey Weinstein's attorneys are seemingly not concerned over reports the former movie mogul may be indicted for alleged sexual assault in New York as soon as next week. 

"We do not believe an indictment of Mr. Weinstein is imminent," a spokesperson for Weinstein said Wednesday in a statement. "A formal presentation will be made on Mr. Weinstein’s behalf in the appropriate course of the investigation, and we strongly believe we will demonstrate that no criminal charges are warranted. Blair Berk and Ben Brafman will be defending Mr. Weinstein in any matters in New York." 

Berk has previously represented Mel Gibson, Reese Witherspoon, Gerard Butler and Kanye West. Brafman previously represented Michael Jackson and Martin Shkreli.

Reports that a grand jury would convene to hear possible charges for rape allegations happened after New York police said during a media conference that they had an "actual case" against Weinstein. 

There have been conflicting reports as to how soon a grand jury may hear evidence. 

Actress Paz de la Huerta, among the list of accusers that is now numbering over 70, on Oct. 25 accused Weinstein of raping her twice.

"She put forward a credible and detailed narrative to us," Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce on Friday told reporters. "This happened seven years ago. We found corroboration along the way. We immediately contacted the district attorney of New York, and we started working the case together." Subpoenas have been issued, he added.

Since his hard fall from grace, Weinstein retreated to Phoenix for a voluntary rehab program.

"We are happy with where the investigation is right now. Mr. Weinstein is out of state, so we would need an arrest warrant to arrest him. So, right now we are gathering our evidence. We continue to do so every day," Boyce said Friday. "This is a collaborative effort between us and the district attorney of New York. So we'll work together to get this done."

Weinstein had police reports filed against him in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York and London.

Authorities are investigating all the accusations.