Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin's Former Underlings (and Now Power Insiders) Spill Stories

Weinstein vs. Rudin - H 2014
Illustration by: Adam Cruft

Weinstein vs. Rudin - H 2014

"Treated like an apprentice"? Or created a "really, really, really gnarly environment"? Their erstwhile employees share war stories.

This story first appeared in the May 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When it comes to New York cinema, two titans reign: Harvey Weinstein, 62, and Scott Rudin, 55. For those savvy enough to gain entry into their courts and Teflon enough to leave in good grace, the biggest challenges of the business likely will be behind them. The two have generated more film execs (and ulcers) than any other New Yorker. Yes, the defection rate can be high (one alum estimates the average Rudinite seeks asylum after nine months).

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Both are known for mercurial outbursts, though Weinstein claimed in 2004 that his temper is under control along with his glucose levels. Some stay, like longtime Miramax exec Meryl Poster, who now heads The Weinstein Co.'s TV division. Others disperse, including MGM executive vp production Adam Rosenberg, who toiled for Rudin during his Team America: World Police/The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou era ("It's such a demanding job, there are frequent openings," he says diplomatically).

Either way, every onetime serf has a story about his or her days under an Oscar-winning overlord.

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