Harvey Weinstein Timeline: The Awards and the Accusations

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As his acclaim and power rose in Hollywood, he was allegedly harassing and abusing women all along the way, claims "unequivocally denied" by the mogul's spokesperson.


Harvey and his brother, Bob, begin as concert promoters in Buffalo, New York, where Harvey meets O.J. Simpson backstage at a Bob Hope show.


The Weinstein brothers found Miramax, named after parents Miriam and Max.


Paula Wachowiak, production assistant on The Burning, says Weinstein was nude in front of her, signing checks.


The concert film The Secret Policeman's Other Ball is the company's first success.

Weinstein rapes British actress Lysette Anthony in her home in London, she alleges.


Aspiring actress Tomi-Ann Roberts encounters Weinstein naked in a bathtub; he asks her to take her top off, she says.


My Left Foot becomes Mirimax's first best picture nominee.

The acquisition of sex, lies and videotape at Sundance kickstarts the indie film movement.


Cinema Paradiso wins the foreign-language Oscar.

Actress Sophie Dix charges Weinstein invites her to the Savoy, then masturbates.

A young assistant receives a settlement.

Kate Beckinsale, 17 at the time, says he greets her in his bathrobe.

In the early 1990s, Rosanna Arquette says, Weinstein asks for a massage at the Beverly Hills Hotel and puts her hand on his crotch.


Laura Madden, a former employee, says he asks for massages in London and Dublin.


Dimension Films genre division, which Bob heads, is created.


Disney buys Miramax for a reported $60 million- $80 million.

Actress Katharine Kendall says she goes to his apartment, where he puts on a robe then exposes himself.

While she is promoting Mighty Aphrodite, Mira Sorvino says, he chases her around the room at the Toronto film fest.


Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin win Oscars for The Piano.

Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction opens, grossing $214 million.

Gwyneth Paltrow says he makes advances at The Peninsula.


Amid controversy, the Weinsteins buy back rights to Kids from Disney.

French actress Florence Darel says he propositions her at The Ritz, with his wife nearby.

Artist Liza Campbell charges Weinstein asks her to jump in the bath with him.


French actress Judith Godreche, then appearing in the film Ridicule, says he meets her for breakfast at the Hotel du Cap, where he tries to pull off her sweater — the next day a female assistant warns her to say nothing.


The English Patient wins nine Oscars, including best picture.

Weinstein settles with Rose McGowan after an alleged rape at Sundance.

He asks Ashley Judd to watch him shower at The Peninsula, she says.

He is accused of assaulting and raping actress Asia Argento.

Actress Zoe Brock says he is naked at the Hotel du Cap.


Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon win Oscars for Good Will Hunting.

Angelina Jolie says he makes unwanted advances while she is promoting Playing By Heart.

Zelda Perkins, in the London office, says she confronts him.


Shakespeare in Love wins best picture and Weinstein gets an Oscar, too.


Cider House Rules nabs two Oscars.

Actress Melissa Sagemiller reports three unwanted advances


Miramax releases Gangs of New York.


Nicole Kidman gets an Oscar for The Hours, which Miramax co-produced.

Dawn Dunning says in a New York hotel Weinstein offers a three-pic deal in exchange for a three-way. She flees.

British actress Romola Garai says he is in his bathrobe when she appears for an audition.


Miramax launches Project Runway on Bravo.

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 grosses $222 million.

Weinstein is named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Lucia Stoller, a student, charges that Weinstein forces her to have oral sex in his Tribeca office.


Weinsteins leave Disney and form The Weinstein Co.

Aviator gets 11 noms and Cate Blanchett wins an Oscar.


TV reporter Lauren Sivan accuses him of masturbating in front of her into a potted plant.


Actress/screenwriter Louisette Geiss says he exposes himself to her at Sundance.

Sarah Ann Masse says he is in underwear when he interviews her for a job.


Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds is released and grosses $329 million.

Kate Winslet wins an Oscar for The Reader.


At Cannes, he appears naked in front of French actress Emma de Caunes, she says.


The King's Speech wins best picture.

Actress Jessica Barth says he asks for a massage from her at The Peninsula.


The Artist wins best picture.

Streep wins an overdue Oscar for The Iron Lady.

Weinstein gets France's Legion of Honor award.


Jennifer Lawrence wins an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.


Office assistant Emily Nestor describes more unwanted advances at The Peninsula.


TWC distributes The Hunting Ground, a doc about sexual assault on campus.

TWC's deal to sell its TV division to ITV collapses.

Another female assistant alleges that he forces her to give him a massage.

Lauren O'Connor writes a memo alleging harassment at TWC.

Weinstein admits to groping Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez on tape, but the New York DA declines to press charges.


Weinstein hosts a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.


Weinstein joins the Sundance Women's March.

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